Technical rider of the performance

In the performance there are occupied:

Five actors (4 man and 1 woman roles).

Musical group (5 musicians)

Tour group:

5 actors.

5 musicians


the assistant of producer, the costumier

The lighter-1

The Sound – 1

The technician – 1

TOTAL: 15 persons (on condition that the receiving party provides loaders and fitters).


Inland transport:

One car for transportation of scenery.

One comfortable minibus (a Mercedes-vita class) not less than 12 places – actors.

Attendance of technical group to a stage is to be agreed additionally.

The rehearsal before performance is to be agreed additionally.

1. Light ryder of the performance should contain the following points:

1. Requirements to the light panel

2. Descriptions of necessary types of priming (the Back, the scene)

3. Requirements to weighing of light devices – three planned spotlights not less than 5 lines on spotlights, two devices of PAR-64 type on a line. 6 theatrical supports with devices of PAR-64 type with a CP-61 or PC 1 KW lamp. The device on a low support of PAR-64 type with a СР-62 or РС-1 kWt fresnel lamp. 4 n/r on a tablet. Light boxes 5 lines, 2 devices on a line. The portable bridge not less than 5 lines. Filters: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, consumption. The necessary portable equipment (devices of watching light, profiles)

4. The necessary additional equipment (a smoke machine, a stroboscope)

5. The necessary colors of optical filters and colors of optical filters for devices of jellied light of SVTG type (glass). The quantity of optical filters.

2. Sound ryder of the performance should contain the following points:

1. Requirements to mixer (the quantity of grooves, AUX etc.)

2. The necessary quantity of microphones and their types

3. The quantity of posts and their types (MD, CD)

4. The necessary quantity of additional equipment (monitors, racks, blocks of effects).

The scheme of an arrangement of the additional equipment on a platform

3. Ryder of performance should contain: scene parameters (width, length, height, the quantity of liftings):

1. A scene mirror 9м Х 6м and more

2. Depth of a scene not less than 10 m. Height not less than 6м

3. Requirements to scene clothes: Scenery should be fastened to a scene tablet (self-tapping screws)

Wishes to a production part and the personnel:

To start the celebration of the termination of tours after the departure of the troup, and not on the day of arrival!

4. Dressing rooms:

1 Separate warm dressing room with illumination and mirrors

3 warm dressing rooms with illumination and mirrors

One room for administration and for storage of scenery

One room with an ironing table and an iron with teflon covering and steamer.


Example: parameters of the scene