everyday rider of performance


In performance are occupied:

Five actors (4 man and 1 woman roles).

Musical group (5 musicians)

1. Tour group:

5 actors. 5 musicians


The assistant of the producer, the costumier

The lighter-1

The Sound – 1

The technician – 1

TOTAL: 15 persons (on condition that the receiving party provides loaders and fitters).

2. Transit

The Train (not more tha 9 hours):

10 seats in SV (3 compartments)

5 seats in a compartment

2 compartments for scenery

The food in the train is paid b the Organizer.

Paying for the delivery of a requisite in Moscow to the station or the airport (a gazelle – cargo) cost-4000 rbl. there and back.

Paying for the porters in Moscow there and back upon.

The plane:

15 – the improved economy class (at its absence – front seats of economy class).

The customer pays at both ends: Tickets, cargo, porters (at station or loaders at the airport)

The Customer is obliged to send, not less than a week before departure on tour, all tickets, and the detailed schedule of staying of actors on tours:

1. Date and time of departure and arrival to a city. The exact name of a platform and phone. Phone and a name of the welcomer.

2. The name of a hotel and hotel phone.

3. An exact time and place of a dinner of actors.

4. Time and place of a dinner of technical group and the assistant of the producer. The exact time of their departure to a platform.

5. An exact time of departure of actors to a platform and travelling time.

6. The time of the beginning of the performance.

7. Time and place of a supper of actors. 8. Loading of a requisite after performance.

9. Time and a place of a supper of technical group and the assistant of the producer.

10. If there is a travel to other city: a the exact time of departure, kilometrage and time in a way (the comfortable bus not less than 30 places, a Mercedes-Neoplan class) and the exact schedule on a following city.

11. Travel to Moscow: an exact times of departure from hotel (platform) to the airport or station.

12. Time in a way.

13. time of arrival to Moscow.

14. The press – conference, a meeting with actors and other meetings are discussed additionally and are added to the schedule.

3. Residency:

hotel in a city min ****

4 numbers of «Lux» category

5 single rooms (improved)

6 double room (improved)

All numbers during winter time should be warm, with conditioners in summertime (is being discussed additionally).

4. Food:

Three meals a day – are obligatory.

The Breakfast in hotel

A dinner and a supper in a restaurant.

In case of travelling by train, after the performance termination, food in a dining-car, or other form of food. (is being discussed additionally)

5. Inland transport:

One car («Gazelle» type) for transportation of scenery.

One comfortable minibus ( a Mercedes-Vita class) not less than 12 places. Actors.

Attendance of technical group to a stage is to be agreed additionally.

The rehearsal before performance is to be agreed additionally.

6. The equipment of dressing rooms:

1 separate warm dressing room with illumination and mirrors

3 warm dressing rooms with illumination and mirrors

One room for administration and for storage of scenery

One room with an ironing table and an iron with Teflon covering and steamer.

7. In dressing rooms of actors there should be:

System of the notification from the panel.

Toilet room in a dressing room or on a floor

Mineral water, coffee, tea, sugar, fruits, cookies, cheese, yoghurt, dishes, electric kettle, napkins, soap, paper towels.


Example: parameters of the scene