«Shuraleh» returned to the Mariinsky Theater

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«Shuraleh» returned to the Mariinsky Theater
Stage fate of the ballet «Shurale» Tatar composer Farid Yarullin unusual. His idea was born in the prewar years in Kazan. He captivated melody and ritmointonatsii Tatar dances and ceremonies, their brightness and originality …

War crossed all the plans and initiatives. Choreographer returned to the unfinished work is already in Leningrad – premiere was held at the Theater of Opera and Ballet   in May 1950.

Award was Leonid Yakobson, and conductor Pavel Feldt – an unprecedented event – three of the performers, among whom were Alla Shelest, Natalia Dudinskaya, Konstantin Sergeyev, Boris Bregvadze, Askold Makarov, Igor Belsky.
Recurring talk of reviving the play at the Mariinsky Theater. And finally, to deal with Valery Gergiev, the troupe began to recover «Shuraleh». The responsible director was appointed Vyacheslav Khomjakov, who managed to gather and unite dancers of different generations in the past performing the roles in the ballet.
They remembered and restored the entire world:  Contributed to the tutoring job and recently departed from us Ninel Kurgapkina. From Moscow sent an amateur film Anna Plisetskaya, where she, along with students of the Academy Vaganova dance performed by children. So, if pieces of smalt, evolved a painting of ballet.
The theater has proved that he can return the viewer choreographic masterpiece.

Igor Stupnikov
This is unprofessional translation of the article made by ​​Russian university graduate.
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Music director – Valery Gergiev
Staging-Tutors – Ninel Kurgapkina, Tatiana Terekhova,
Redzhepmyrat Abdiev, Nina Ukhova, Alexander Matveev, Annelina Kashirina
Responsible coach-director – Vyacheslav Khomjakov
Artist to resume – Batozhan Dashitsirenov
Lighting – Alexander Naumov
The artist-technologist for the resumption of the costumes – Tatiana Mashkova
Musical – Ludmila Sveshnikova

April 12, 2008
Mariinsky Theater – «Humpbacked Horse» and «Dead Souls»
“The Humpbacked Horse” – the premier plays

Music- Rodion Chedrin
leader and conductor – Valery Gergiev
choreography – Aleksey Ratmansky
designer – Maxim Isaev
conductor -  Aleksey Repnikov

Beauty- Queen- Alina Somova
Ivan- fool - Vladimir Shklyarov
Humpbacked Horse- Vasiliy Tkachenko
Spalnik –   Yuri Smekalov

the coaches: Helen Evteeva, Vyacheslav Khomyakov

«Dead souls»
12 April, 19:00    In the Concert Hall

«Dead souls» – within the framework musical festival to the 200- anniversary Nikolay Gogol (concert performance)

Music by  Rodion Chedrin

leader and conductor -Valery Gergiev

with the participation of: Larisa Dyadkova, Sergey Leyferkus and Sergey Aleksashkin
Libretto  by  Rodion Chedrin
main choirmaster – Andrey Petrenko
first violinist – Marina Mishuk


Archive – Festival in Kazan – Anna Plisetskaya

One of the last performances of Rudolf Nureyev, he conducted a performance in Kazan. The festival was organized by Natalia Sadouskaya.

Diploma. Kazan

«Three moods» of Scriabin’s music and choreography Kasyan Goleizovsky, with a partner, Victor Baranov,made a ballet performance Elena Cherkaskya.