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1984. Serenade for Strings «- Ballet of George Balanchine.
George Balanchivadze emigrated to the United States, and his performances were banned in the USSR.  Alexander Plisetsky obtained permission to stage this brilliant ballet.  So – this event went down in history as the first thing in the history of the country with the communist regime, as the opening of the  «Iron Curtain»  during the «perestroika». Balanchine was happy that «Serenade» will be staged in his homeland, the Tbilisi Theater Paliashvili. But, unfortunately, he did not see this event. In his testament, the rights to the ballet dancers were passed five of his troupe.  Alexander Plisetsky had to re-negotiate the statement that at that time had great nerve costs. Perform «Serenade» as did the Georgian ballet dancer, could not be any, even the purest classical troupe in Russia. Plisetskaya gave «soul» of the ballet, style and atmosphere. This event is still unforgettable

I saw this performance. Over a twenty-intermission dad came over and brought me back to the theater.


The Premiere of   «Serenade» at the Concert Hall «Rossia» 1  November 1984

«Serenade» at the Bolshoi Theater

«Serenade» in the theater Paliashvili 1986

Ballet «Serenade» in the repertory today  (2009)


«Evening Tbilisi»  January 30, 1984

The Moscow tour, December 1, 1984