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18-04-2009 19:23



«… The second department will be devoted to the combination of jazz and classical ballet with the elements of contemporary choreography. In the specially created for the festival project of Anna Plisetskaya “City by the eyes of Zazz” are combined the elements of classical ballet and jazz compositions».

Cultural News

Its sentence -  is Jazz


Pianist Daniel Kramer ignites in Moscow
You did see Cramer after the piano?

As speaker after the platform – holds hall by one sigh, without having yet begun to play. And not to it to poke “by complexes”, that here, it is said, “academic”: still look this academy of game as in it! It refuses to have anything to do from the sweet titles “of devotee”, “the missionary” of jazz: simply “it plays as he wants” and at odd moments becomes ideologist completely exclusive Jazz  Action  – the Festival “Jazz collection”, which exactly today is opened in Moscow.

M.K. – Daniel,  in jazz it is sufficient material for further experiments?

D.K. –
Certainly, that also is evident on this festival: the most promising today – synthetic genres. Here we selected the area of hall  Tschaikovsky, so that all experimenters, both Maestros and young people, could show the most interesting their projects, indeed is original proposals alien very much and selection was sufficiently rigid. Why in the hall, but not in air? Are necessary hall light, ballet floor… Thus, today and tomorrow us awaits truly the jazz- fairy scene: will begin everything from classics – before the public will come out the famous orchestra of Anatoliy Kroll. Will catch wave the star of French jazz violin school Florin Nikulesku. The bright technician and the disinterested romantic, in solo of whom guess the power and the entreaty of the gipsy style.
Then,   Anna Plisetskaya will prepare the delicacy spectators by its project “Сity by the eyes of Jazz”, in which the jazz- compositions will merge with the elements of matchless classical and contemporary choreography. How to let pass similar?


Cultural News