My History – part 1

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Thanks to those whose curiosity suggested to have a look on this page. I’m grateful to it. As now I have someone to tell to.
My ancestors, from father’s and mother’s sides lived not so far from each other, in Ukraine. The Malevansky lived in the estate outisde Nezhin city and the Plisetsky – outside Chernigov city. They even didn’t think of meeting then. It was in the 19th century.

My grandfather  Michael Plisetsky was the chief of coal industry, the consul in the Spitsbergen and the studio manager. He was a handsome man. He died when he was 37 years old.



Michael Plisetsky

My grandmother,  Ra Messerer ,   was a cinema star (though movies were silent) before her husband had been shot.


Ra Messerer

And what was impossible in the 19th century, happened in the twentieth. They met and got married.

They met while filming «War and Peace «, my father was choreographer of scenes

Alexander Plisetsky and Maryanna  Sedova - Malevanskaya.


Alexandre Plisetsky

Marianna Sedova

So I have decided to take a walk around the city but a bit earlier than on this photo.


It was interesting but it was the first time that I went to work with pleasure.


It was the first time I could drive with my dad.


The second time I drove by myself.


But as I failed the exam, the car was taken away and I was riding horse, and I liked it. It is a usual thing for Peru.

I had many friends

recordings archive


Mum danced in the theatre. It was in the Bolshoi theatre, I can still feel the smell – it is the nicest smell. But a child was not allowed there, and didn’t understand what her fault was.


Thus, I had nothing to do but leaving for Saint-Petersburg.


It was very nice, just fantastic. At one little man worked an entire industry of remarkable teachers, the descendants of imperial times. I tried very hard to not take from the school and did not interfere to make my exploit.

I’m  happy girl, who invested his soul and his work wonderful teachers and people of Petersburg Academy of Ballet Vaganova. No two people, a lot. Lydia Goncharova, Olga Chenchikova, Iraida Utretskaya, Natalia Spitsina, Galina Kekisheva, Gabriella Komleva, Ninel Kurgapkina, Lyudmilla Andreyevna Linkova, Alla Shelest and many others. That their love will always be missed in adult life. Such people are no more.

Petersburg’s climate is dramatically different from the heat and humidity of Latin America, and for me the very existence of it at first was a feat. Every day I struggled on his last legs, so I was not taken away from school. And had not the strength. All the time was sick. The merit in my «victory» belongs to the Marina Vasilyeva, wonderful teachers and methodologists of classical dance, which said: «I made her a dancer, do not pick her up, wait.»

1- Vasilieva

Konstantin Sergeyev – a stunning, stately, handsome. Best Artistic Director of the story and could not imagine. That’s how we got lucky! After the Revolution in college and the staff runs gentlemen of high birth, who had managed to hide it and thereby save his life. For example, Earl Sheremet’ev worked stagehand.

1- Konstantin Sergeev_1-2

In the Leningrad Choreographic School was a boarding school on the streets of Truth, near the Five Corners area. Sometimes it was cold – like this:

3-Ser Bor_07.01.1981

It was my debut in the Mariinsky Theater – ballet «Shuraleh»


One may say that we became famous, because we were shown on TV.


During two months of a vacation a movie Mary Poppins was shot


Mery Poppins – music

Leonid Kvinikhidze

Most my favorite New Year’s Eve in Moscow

1-New year-Moscow_1983-84

Marianna Sedova, Tatiana Popko, Alik Plisetski, Ra Messerer

Alik Plisetsky had a very interesting company: Boris Messerer, Anna Plisetskaya, Vasily Katanyan, Tonino Guerra, Sergey Paradzhanov.


My dad lived in an accelerated pace. He sought worldwide performances, the zero-based created troupe and was inhaling it lives. He had broad soul and the sick heart.  He was only 54. With its leaving my life and dance lasted Sun.


Alexandre Plisetsky

A big role in my musical education belongs to a dog Tina. She behaved herself just like Christina Lapron. She had a delicate ear for music, and sang very precisely the songs of Barbra Streisand. And really liked Farid Seyful-Mulyukov and ordered to switch the channel.


Only in the St. Petersburg school to convey the spirit of «Les Sylphides», in the style of Fokine.
These unique footage my uncle Azariah, the Academy of Ballet in favor of the Kremlin.  – before the release of the Academy.
On stage: Konstantin Sergeyev, Natalia Dudinskaya. Muscovites: Olga Lepeshinskaya, Raisa Struchkova, Marina Semenova. Galina Ulanova was born in Petrograd.
The hall is my grandmother Rachel  Messerer.

With this performance college tour in Paris and Amsterdam. Thanks Konstantin Sergeyev.

Academia Vaganova-2

A single rehearsal with Asaf Messerer

«Choros» by Villa Lobos, music and choreography by Roland Petit, with a partner Kirill Myasnikov, put me Gabriella Komleva.


The first role in theater

(we were lucky that in the first few months can be danced solo, without waiting for decades, as before. generational change)

The first in the history of theater production, which made no artistic director. A young choreographer Alex Timurshin. It Farukh Ruzimatov was the first who began to act, to seek, to create.

Creative evening Farukh Ruzimatov

I tried on a veil in ballet Sylphida where first act comes to an end with the derange of wedding. James, Effi’s groom, bewitched by Medzh, appears in a kingdom of sylphs. And Effi gets married to another man. Such ballet fairy tales thought out 200 years ago.


«La Sylphide» at the Mariinsky Theater

At the Academy, I danced choreographic miniature Leonid Jakobson’s «blind». And Tatiana Shmyrova invited to the school theater Alla Shelest, which in its time, brilliantly performed this role.


Since Alla Yakovlevna became my guardian angel. I dealt with it in addition to its spacious living room, where there was a small antique mirror and ballet barre. Alla Yakovlevna lived in a beautiful house on the Petrograd side opposite the mansion of Matilda Kseshinskoy. When I entered the theater, she rehearsed with me Mirta and «Russian Dance».


Once I called her and heard: «Anya, if you next time to call, and I will not be, do not worry», she then called and said that she regrets what he said. Alla Shelest gone through a few years. She was fine and deep a ballerina, a man of rare breed.


Alla Shelest

Swan Lake


Swan Lake – All of the artists went to the West

Romeo and Julia

OLga Chenchikova – wonderful dancer and teacher. Creative evening -
At the time, «outside the theater» seldom allowed to dance, do not let go on tour and not allowed to perform the number of other choreographers. Vinogradov permission. This was an exception.


Marathon «St. Petersburg-revival» January .  This event forever entered the history of St. Petersburg and the Mariinsky Theater. The marathon lasted 48 hours and collected the most outstanding artists of the world: Natalia Makarova, Yehudi Minuhin, Julio Bocca, John Noymeer

Andris Liepa

Film director Alexander Belinsky was the only wizard who invented the genre of film-ballet. Belinsky conceived his film on the story by Gorky and his incomparable muse Ekaterina Maximova recommended for the main role Anya Plisetskaya. (Art. «Rossiyskaya Gazeta»)

the film-ballet by Alexander Belinsky.


The Last Tarantella

One of the last performances of Rudolf Nureyev, he conducted a performance in Kazan. The festival was organized by Natalia Sadouskaya.

Diploma. Kazan.

«Three moods» of Scriabin’s music and choreography Kasyan Goleizovsky, with a partner, Victor Baranov, put me Elena Cherkaskaya. My mother, Marianne Sedov brought it from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Lena whole week we slept on the couch in the St. Petersburg apartment and rehearsed with me.

I had a very vague idea of a modernist style. Modern – modern, new. Modern – concerning what time? If many ballets were staged 50 years ago. «Spring sacred» by Stravinsky, «Petrushka» were a new word in Dyagilev’s seasons. It is better to use the word «new». It is individual for each  performer because he is unique, just as his way.


In the performances of Moris Bezhar “Si Si” about the Austrian empress killed by the terrorist near the hotel «Beaurivage».


“Le Mandarin mervelleux”- prostitutes  dressed in man’s suits tempt an exotic Mandarin with a fraud.


With Anna Chaplin in the performance “Mr. C.” about Charly Chaplin.


Maurice Bejart

Before the play, «M.C.», at a rehearsal with the pianist Luis, which no longer exists, unfortunately. .   Theatre de la Fenice, which was then burned.

15- M.C.- Anna-Luis-14.01.1993

«M.C.» – actress


Misha van Uk – dancer «Rudra Ballet Bejart», always wanted to come to the land of his mother, a Russian by origin. He staged and showed him in Moscow (in the Tchaikovsky Hall), St. Petersburg (in the October Hall), and Ulyanovsk, in February 2001.

Performance «Pilgrims»

La folle de Chaillot al’Espase Pierre Carden-Paris. Decembre
Lily Denis, Maya and Anna Plisetskaya






It is true that the left and the whole picture – the desired Petersburg …

1993. In my home in St. Petersburg. Muraz Murvanidze – Artist, who created the scenery for the ballet «Porgy and Bess», «Battleship Potemkin», «Sorochinskaya Fair» by  Musorgsoki, The Gambler, «Don Carlos» by Verdi, «Lucia di Lammermoor.» In addition, he father my friend and favorite Georgian actress Nato Murvanidze  and  husband of MakaMakharadze (daughter of Cote), a ballerina who has performed Carmen in the ballet, which has put my father in Tbilisi.

Lilechka Khrushcheva – the fairy godmother in the world. Make-up artist on Lenfilm. Proprietress bohemian living room in St. Petersburg, which usually stay long late Kate Maximova and Vladimir Vasiliev, Dmitri Briantsev, Yevgeny Kolobov, and all the most interesting and talented people. Igor Khrushchev, spouse Lilechka, was a great chief of the ministry, which was located in the Engineers’ Castle. But when their daughter, Anya, in his 17 years, married an American and left, Igor fired. And then, in 83 year in their life, I came. They took me as a daughter.

I ran to the family Dubravin, whom he met in the House of composers. Their daughter Maria was studying at music college and become a good pianist. Actually opposite the Mariinsky Theater, and lived too close.  Yakov Dubravin a wonderful composer, was chair of arrangements in the conservatory, too – on the contrary. And Mila Dubravina founded the first entreprise «Benefit» on the Fontanka, again next! In this entreprise were musicians and actors, and I was the only ballerina. The team was Igor Talkov, Irina Ponarovskaya and many others.


Mila and Yasha Dubravin


Mila and Yasha Dubravin
Galya and Mark Volkovitch, Era Ezerskaya, Margo, Natalia, Irina, Sania, Anna, Myla and Yasha Dubravin
Erochka – my native person. It is mandatory, stunning hostess. For a long time, she taught in aerology in Nakhimovsky school in Strelna. Now In her office is a bedroom of the first lady. So.

in Arctic expedition.
Ezerskaya Era

The most successful ballet numbers, which I performed, there were those who rehearsed with me, my mother. It was already clear that she was a teacher by vocation. Intelligent and patient.
«Gypsy» to music by Zhelobinsky and «Polovtsian Dances» to music by Borodin, choreographed Kasyan Goleizovsky, put my mother Marianne, as she knew his style, as they say in the ballet firsthand.

True  Love and the mystery of knowledge gave me my grandmother Alya. Now, after many years, we can say that it is this little woman with a soft voice kept us all a huge family around the world, the repressed, but not broken. She was the principal holding in their hands the fragile link between generations, in different periods, when there was not only the Internet, sometimes the phone, but even the letter was difficult to deliver. She knew and felt very much. She was a sacrifice. Maya Plisetskaya, Asaph, and Shulamith Messerer – its merit. Although the Ra Messerer could become a real star!
I so miss her!

Ra Messerer-5
Rachel Messerer

Before the performance in a hall ‘Rossia’.


in the choreography by Nikolai Androsov «Isadora».


Tokishi  Takada –Impresario  from God, who knows the entire ballet world, thanks to him, even the rain seems fairy tale.

Tokishi Takada san



in Berlin  1997

Maya Plisetskaya


Ballet, a column and a boot

Diploma Theater – a combination of theater and psychology in 1997

MUBiU 2004.   Professor Elena Efimova believed in my ability manager. In this university, I met with intelligent and exciting people.


During the «show business», we afford the «luxury», as the performance of Leo Tolstoy’s «Anna Karenina», which played at the theater Teresa Durova and «Actor Theater»

in Andrey Zhitinkin’s performance 2006


Anna Karenina


2007 – Town by Jazz eyes – DVD

This work brought me back to the scene and opened the prospect of new musical directions

Daniel  Kramer



The idea of charity concerts on stage concert hall «Rossia» has become real, through the participation of Maria  Mulyash, Pyotr Shaboltay  and all the wonderful staff of the hall, the stage where I first performed at age 10. These concerts were very complex and delicious. Attended by all prominent artists and talented children.

Concerts on the stage of the hall «Rossia»

with my mum Maryanna Sedova    2000


Musya – is Maria Mulyash who had not only been the heart of a concert hall «Rossia» but also the soul of many actors for many years. She always cheered up the actors, helped them. She never complained about her life.


Her last birthday was a bright holiday.  2008


She left as a true actress.


Maria Muliash

Concert Hall  «Rossia» moved to a new location – the Luzhniki stadium.   Musia already are.

And we have spent her concert 2009


I am leaving for a tour


People say that “legends” are thought up for actors, and as the time passes by actors themselves start to believe these legends. It was the most truthful legend in the world. I wish all my friends an internal   harmony.


Sincerely, Anna



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Alexandr Plisetsky

Marianna Sedova


Academia Video


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