Marianna Sedova

26-03-2009 17:29

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Marianna Sedova

(a family tree: the Malevansky were noblemen in several generations; Alla Shelest – the cousin – the well-known ballerina of 40-60 years)
Graduated from the Moscow choreographic school, the ballet dancer

The Bolshoy theatre, the actress and the soloist of ballet; her ballet roles: Betsy («Anna Karenina»), Kapulletti (”Romeo and Juliette”), Persidka («Hovanshchina»), a mazourka, kravkovyak («Ivan Susanin»), a Russian («Konyek-gorbunok»)

The national ballet of Peru, the teacher-choreographer; Theatre «Colon» (Argentina), the soloist of the ballet; the ballerina

Worked with T. Tarasova as the choreographer of dances on ice.

The director of Choreographic school of Natalia Nesterova; 12 releases of ballet dancers have taken place; her students dance solo ballet roles in GABT, Stanislavsky’s Musical theatre, the Kremlin ballet; win medals at the International competitions of ballet dancers.




Marianna Sedova – Choreographie
1 – «Memories of Tomorow» («City by jazz eyes»)  – Daniel Kramer  – pianist.
2 -  F. List «Comfort»  (In «Rossia» Hall)
3 – J.M. Jare «Rare birds»
( Anna Plisetskaya’ s Projects)

5.   Russian Dance

Marianna Sedova_Inturist.

6.   Khovanshchina


7.  Repetition – Ulanova

Marianna Sedova_Ulanova.

8.  Capuleti

Marianna Sedova_Romeo.

9.   Stravinsky.  Las Bodas


10.   Stravinsky.  Las Bodas

10-Argentina_las Bodas

11. Argentina


12.  España

Marianna Sedova_Vigo.