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  • Films with the participation of Ra Messerer stored in a safe place in the archives   Gosfilmofond and were given to me in 2000, the Minister Sergei Lazaruk.   For that he was a great gratitude.
  • Directed TV-plot Anastasia Sorokina. Operator Evgeny Kutuzkin, who was shooting with me Telecast.



  • add to memories :   These were separate phrases. Rachel told me,  I recorded it on tape. Record gone, but many years later, she found a Azari  Messerer  in New York, who wrote a full story. >>


Rakhil  Messerer


Written in 1991

My brother Asaf went with his friends to watch ballet. Then he said: «You know, I, too, so I can». Then the ballet class led Gorski, and engaged in it Geltser and Tikhomirov. Gorski put all to a stick and asked to repeat a few movements.
-Where are you studying? – Nowhere – said Assaf. They got him. Within months, Assaf danced in the performances.
I was 19 years old when I went to VGIK. At the exam I was given a passage «how do you catch a butterfly». Everyone laughed, especially when I started to cry. In the hall sat Kuleshov and Khokhlov. It was a terrible time. Hunger. Movies are not filmed. Only stories, photos. Does one painting a year. One day I came director Doronin with his wife and said: – That this girl give a closer look. So I got to the movies. Then he met Volodya Plisetskaya. His brother Michael told him: – You see, before I did not marry. And rescued me. Misha beautiful, witty, leader of the kind. Volodya cheerful, energetic and Misha. I am married to Misha. At that time, he was director of film production. Meanwhile, I started acting in the film Razumova «Valley of Tears». The shooting took place in Kalmykia.
We studied together with Vladimir in Horse School.

Michael Plisetsky bought house to organize Goskino at Likhov pereulok, 6. Misha – a good organizer. He then studied at the institute on economic faculty. He was appointed director of the 27 farms.
1926 – 27 years – this time of the NEP. Misha went to the assistant to the farm on horseback. I went to sleep with Maya to friends. In the family had two boys who were brought up in severity. When we got there, I felt that Maya something ventured. She grabbed a pillow and let them throw. Pooh in different directions. Suddenly, she calmed down: – «craze passed».
Filming of the second film directed by Doronin «second wife» took place in Tashkent, where I went, leaving the Maya with a nanny Fima and my mom. In the interval between the shooting I was told: «Look, there you some guy waiting for». It was Volodya Plisetsky. In Moscow, meanwhile, Misha had already made repairs to the apartment Sretenskii gate. When I returned, the Maya have already said.
Then he started shooting the film «120 thousand per year» with Maretskaya, «Golden Month» French writer Duchesne, on the French Revolution. In this picture, I played a French florist. And immediately started shooting the film in Tashkent «leprous», where I had the main role. Great movie!
One of the oldest cinemas in Moscow «Fantômas» Sretenskii was opposite the gate. It showed all these films. These were the 30-ies.
Alik was born.
Misha went to Spitsbergen. He was Consul and Director General of «Arktiugl». There were mines. Maya was 6 years old, Alik six months. We went to Misha. They sailed through Norway. There was a terrible storm.
On Spitsbergen Michael Plisetsky  all very fond of. He, as consul, was supposed to receive a parcel with oranges. When unloaded the ship, he took the whole box and said: «Eat, guys». I just shrugged: «What do you do, because your children also need vitamins».
Claus. Small steamer «Ruslan» sank. Captain Malygin wrote: «to raise her son, but not a sailor».
When we returned to Moscow, Maya was taken to hospital with scarlet fever, then fell ill with Alik.
Misha was very taut from the whole of life, work, the NKVD.

Stalin was a terrible time. In 37 year, Stalin cleared the people who know much about him. Nothing was known about Misha. Now we know: «He was shot on a false denunciation». Nothing else is known.
I was pregnant. Whole life topsy-turvy. Usually come at 4 am. Stalin had the same maniac like Hitler.
We lived in a damn lane. There took and Misha and me. My sister Mita danced at the Bolshoi Theater «Don Quixote». She sent a note with a basket of flowers «from small fans». Mita understood everything. They wanted to take the children. Mita said: «In my troupes». She had a medal «a badge of honor».
I was sent to prison along with a newborn Azarik. I remember that one side was a tower.

Rachel Messerer (1902-1993)
Listened to the story, Anna Plisetskaya (granddaughter)
We are going to continue


From reminiscences brother’s Rachel -  Nodik   (Amenadav Messerer)

We earlier thought Mikhail Plisetsky suffered because his American brother Lester Plesent (Israel Plisetsky) because earlier everybody wrote «relatives abroad have no» but when I engaged rehabilitation, walked in KGB and Military Collegium Supreme Court of then it became clear that, for all the ubiquity of the NKVD had happened, that his right hand did not know what to do left. Investigators Rechetov and Yartsev who tortured Michael Emmanuilovich Plisetsky, apparently unaware that his brother, an American, so no one questioned (I read it) is not talked about with the Americans. «Espionage» extorting from trips Plisetsky  in Berlin in 1927, where his, allegedly, enlisted kinsman Trotsky, «agent Germanic intelligence». Just in none Party proceedings where Plisetsky poked ties with Pickel and others, about relatives abroad not was said neither words.
T h e y   d i d   n o t   k n o w !
Michael Plisetsky lost, not because someone falsely against.  Stalin killed him, because he knew a lot, working in the Kremlin. He knew that Stalin was the last first spokes in a chariot himself with his henchmen has made himself «the greatest». Stalin killed millions of people who could convey the truth about it to future generations, and among them Plisetsky. Plisetsky could not be destroyed by Stalin. All people piled a lot of accusations, and each of them appointed their informants, their detractors. There is a lot Plisetskaya was at maximum. The indictment (as absurd as it may sound these days!) And the verdict of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR stated: «spying for Germany reconnaissance, sabotage on Svalbard, sabotage and terror against the leaders of the party and government, participation in the Trotskyist organization.»Ra has always believed that Misha would return. She lived in that hope.

I can only assume how evolved events in prison. Michael Plisetsky kept in jail for 8 months, tortured and forced to accept the indictment and to sign the paper. When Rachel gave birth, the investigator called her with Misha, and holding up the phone, told him that he has been born a boy. This was a hint that, if  Michael Plisetsky will sign, then the NKVD to spare his family. After 15 minutes Michael Emmanuilovich Plisetsky  was shot. And six months later, Rachel was arrested and the little six-month Azari  was sent to prison.

Sincerely, Alexander (Aminadav) Mikhailovich Messerer


Rachel Messerer

Rachel Messerer. Letters to Anna Plisetskaya from Moscow to St. Petersburg

September 26, 1988.

Anna, My dear, sweet! I am interested in everything that concerns you and your business. I’m called, but do not connect . I will call the following Sunday. It was at Maya’s  performance. At this time «Lady with the Dog» by Chekhov. The performance was even more successful than the last time. Always a shame that you can not see. Azarik called from Madrid, he returned from Italy, where he had all passed successfully, and as his production «Canta Vitale» ( «The song of life»). I hope that you will see in the record itself estimated by their own. You big hello from him. He just phoned. Fly home on October 17. Yesterday Maya flew in Madrid. This is very good! Rode out the mockery of her Yuri Grigorovich and others. Nodik come tomorrow. So I live: go, come. But all that well when alive. And the soul and severity of sadness … and sometimes the joy of meeting. What will happen to you? Arrives Azarik. I look forward to it. Try, for intelligent, look!
I kiss you, and I embrace my dear girl.

Your grandmother Alia
on 26 September 1988.

1991 year.
My dear, sweet!
I really want to see you, I really miss you. Whether you’re on something. And Andris? Danced a ballet, and everything? Nothing more offers? Perhaps, rehearse with him some room? Just do not be disheartened, work, come in handy. Azariku proposed Bejart work in the city of Lausanne. I think he will tell you about it. And you tell him about his mood. Now come to me Mita, for two days to see me. If you’ll call me, she will be able to talk to her. It is unfortunate that we all live apart. But I hope everything will change for the better. We must not lose heart, to work and endure. I beg you, do not throw a piano. It is better to be able to. Can always come in handy every skill. Try to rehearse it that you want to dance. I hope that soon you’re lucky, I have some grounds. While I still can not firmly say, but it is imperative to work.

Be healthy. Firmly kiss you. My native, favourite

Your grandmother Alia

Ra Messerer – Slaid show


1968. Moscow.  PLisetsky – Messerer family

1968_BСЯ СЕМЬЯ-2

(from left to right -Amenadav Messerer, Marianna Sedova, Rodion Shchedrin, Loipa Oraukho, Aleksandre Plisetki, Maya Plisetskaya, Azari Plisetski,  Boris Messerer, Rakhil Messerer

NY.   Plesent family

Plesent Family-2

1924.  Ra Messerer

Ra Messerer-5

Michael Plisetsky

Mikhael Plisetsky-2

Michael Plisetsky


Maya. Rachel. Alik


1932    Maya. Alik


Shymkent. August 1939


Rakhil Messerer, Azari Plisetski (2 years), Amenedav Messerer (23 years) , Maya Plisetskaya (13 years)

When Nodik with Maya came to Rachel’s home in Shymkent, where she was free settlement

Moscow  70-s   Rachel Messerer