Aleksander Plisetski

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ALEXANDR PLISETSKI (20.10. 1931 – 1985)

Born on 20 October 1931 in Moscow in 1949 he graduated from Moscow dance
Since 1949 to 1971 solist in the Bilshoy  Theatre (GABT). Ballet Served many classic and parties.
In 1965-68 funtional pedagogue Moscow dance.
Since 1972, worked at the invitation as artistic director  in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Ufa, Kazan, Sverdlovsk, where wthis his brother Azari Plisetski undertook the placing of Ballet “Carmen” Bize-Schedrin.
In 1973 undertook placing this ballet in the Finnish National Opera.
In 1974-76, classical dance teacher training school in хореографическом and the University of San Marcos box-office Peruvian city of Lima, where raised several concert programmes.
In 1976-78 funtional pedagogic Ballet troupes and Dance Academie de Theatre “Colon” in Buenos-Aires, where exercised placing “Carmen”, “Grand pas classique” from the ballet “Raymonda” by Glazunov, “Walpurgis Night” from the opera “Faust” by Charles Gounod,  and the dances in opera “Turandot” ,  “Two widows”  by Bedřich Smetana.
1979-80 Season pedagogue and balettmayster  in the biennium the Finnish National Opera, where the placing of the ballet “Carmen”.
From 1981 to 1985  artistic director  n the Theatre Paliashvili in Tbilisi , where wthis the choreogaf Michael Lavrovski    created the ballet “Porgi and Bess” by Gershvin, “Romeo and Julia” by Prokofiev.
He secured permission to the placing of Ballet Georges Balanchine  on music “Serenade for String” by Chaykovsky.  At this point  Georges Balanchine  died, and it was necessary to obtain permission to placing anew,  but already from the heirs of choreography.  Finally, with the greatest success came through Ballet on  stage “Rossia” concert Hall  in November 1984.  This was the first place Soviet choreography and unique to recreate Balanchine’s Style.
Married. Has a daughter.
Aleksandr Plisetski  died in October 1985, aged 54 years in Moscow during an operation at the heart.


1959. Tours of GABT in Ulanbator. «Swan lake». Performed by: Tamara Vetrova and Alexander Plisetsky. Gluk Melody. Performed by: T.Vetrova and A.Plisetsky

“Carmen” Bijet-Stsedrin-Alonso ALEXANDER PLISETSKI – harjoittaia

The Program of Tbilisi State Akademichesky opera and ballet theatre of Lenin’s award of a name of Z.Paliashvili. «Carmen-syuita». The choreographer-director is A.Plisetsky (with Maka Maharadze in Carmen’s role)
On January, 12th 1984. The program – a ballet divertissement. P.I.Tchaikovsky. «Serenade for a string band » the choreography of George Balanchin. It was staged under the direction of Alexander Plisetsky. Tbilisi State Akademichesky opera and ballet theatre of Lenin’s award of a name of Z.Paliashvili.
“Serenada” apparently might become the beginning of something serious in the Georgian ballet. Alexander Plisetskiy has returned the ballet to its basics, revived it, gave back the real life, spirituality, instantaneous beginning, in brief, all that the theatre is composed of. Reviving the tape, Plisetskiy demanded his actors not only…
Plisetskiy’s work was hard and meticulous. The essential need was not only in the persistence and taken responsibility but also in the deep understanding of the choreographic principles of the Balanchine’s school, his specific style…
Nothing goes without saying neither in the theatre nor in the life. Only the persistent, diligent and selfless work of choreographer Alexander Plisetskiy, his assistant M. Goderdzishvili and of all ballet company made the performance successful and gave hopes for revival of the Georgian ballet. The ballet company’s eurythmy suprises. “Along the music” and not “to music”. Here is the secret! Let’s hope that “Serenada” with its pure musically-dance culture will help the Georgian ballet to obtain the routes for its rise to a high level of excellence”
January 30, 1984. Atery Gugushvili. “Vecherniy Tbilisi”
Deserved success : “…….Mastery of Moscow choreographer Aleksandr Pliseckiyi, under the supervision of whom Georgian version of “Serenada” was produced, participation of wonderful ballerina Irina Dzhandieri in it, excellent musical managing of conductor Dzhansuga Kahidze, outstanding talent of Mikhail Lavrovskiyi – and all this is a synthesis of three components of performance, leaded to success. Last sunday E.A. Shevarnadze, G.A. Andronikashvili, G.D.Gabuniya and head of department of culture CK KP of Georgia N.S. Dzhanberidze attended the first night of “Ballet evening”.

Revived music. Moscow tour
Two of the demonstrated during the tour performances “Romeo and Julliet” set to music of Prokof’ev and “Porgy and Demon” set to music of Gershvin were staged by M.Lavrovskiyi. “Serenade”of Chaikovskiyi was made special mention of genius of great choreographer of XX century G.Balanchin ant it adumbrates creative return of the choreographert o his motherland….Aleksandr Pliseckiyi transferred this play to the stage with such love, carefulness, understanding, that it became not the least passage of the tour….
In ballet “Porgy and Demon”, in imaginative decision of artist Taimuraz Murvanidze there are a lot of godsends and good scenes…..”
“Pravda” 1 December 1984 N. Chernova – master of art history
“…..Success of Georgian ballet in Moscow on the stage of Bolshoi theatre and Central Concert hall is great and obvious…..One act ballet set to music “Serenade for string-ban” of Cheikovskiyi, played with inspiration by the orchestra headed by chief conductor of the theatrу G.Kahidze, is renewed scrupulously and with awe. Aleksandr Pliseckiyi could gain art discipline from corps de ballet, but this discipline doesn’t exclude spirituality of the dance…The fact itself of production of “Serenade” on the Tbilisskaya stage seems wonderful symbol: As if Balanchin returned to his Motherland in one of his best works….”
“Zarya Vostoka” 25 November 1984 Elena Luckaya art historian
“…..Third ballet, shown in Moscow by Georgian artists, – ballet “Serenade” (choreographer-coacher Aleksandr Pliseckiyi). He pleased with freshness and harmony of plastic colors in hand of tbilisci. Each coming of ballet company to Moscow gladdens by interesting artistic effects…..” “Soviet culture” 17 November 1984 G. Inozemceva
Tampere 19, 20, 21 1985 Finland Helsinki “Porgy ja Bess»;»Romeo ja Julia”
Alik organised tours for Tbilisi theatre to Finland, where he worked and where friends waited him.
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1984. Serenade for Strings «- Ballet of George Balanchine.

George Balanchivadze emigrated to the United States, and his performances were banned in the USSR.  Alexander Plisetsky obtained permission to stage this brilliant ballet. So – this event went down in history as the first thing in the history of the country with the communist regime, as the opening of the «Iron Curtain» during the «perestroika». Balanchine was happy that «Serenade» will be staged in his homeland, the Tbilisi Theater Paliashvili. But, unfortunately, he did not see this event. In his testament, the rights to the ballet dancers were passed five of his troupe.  Alexander Plisetsky  had to re-negotiate the statement that at that time had great nerve costs. Perform «Serenade» as did the Georgian ballet dancer, could not be any, even the purest classical troupe in Russia.  Plisetsky  gave «soul» of the ballet, style and atmosphere. This event is still unforgettable.

1974-1976. Peru. Lima. Ballet San Marcos.

In Lima,  Alexander Plisetsky created a professional ballet company. He worked a lot, and a year in the theater could be staged ballets.

1976-1978.  Buenos-Aires

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1970. Australia


1973 – 1982. Ballet «Carmen Suite» Alexander Plisetsky put in more than 20 cities around the world.

Photo and article: Finland. Harkov.Tbilisi. Sverdlovsk. Kazan. Ufa. Dushanbe. Odessa. Peru. Argentina. Australia.


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