“The whole world and national unity”

10-03-2009 00:47


On the eve of Independence day in central state concert hall “Rossiya” the great concert “All world” was held.

It was charity action which was organized by fund “Generation Renaissanse”. We couldn’t gather all the representatives of all world nations on that scene – said idea inspirer and the hostess of the show, “Generation Renaissanse” fund president, Anna Plisetskaya, – but we tried to represent music diversity.

And indeed, practically all genres were represented in the concert. And certainly everything began with classical. Chamber orchestra under direction of People’s Artist of USSR Eduard Grach presented several classical compositions. ‘Spring voises’ by I. Strauss, variation from ballet “Don Quixote” by L.Minkus, fragment of “Traviata” by D.Verdi and many other were executed.

Recognized masters and young talents played that day. The audience met Maxim Dunaevsky with great applause, who performed potpourri of his songs. Then Nikolai Y. Khizyainov occupied the piano and played “Rondo Caprichiozzo” by F.Mendelson.Don’t you know who is Nikolai Khizyainov ? No wonder, he’s only ten years old! But believe me, he plays as skilled musician. His deft fingers charmed and entranced all the audience.

In music of world part of the concert special place was given to folk songs and dances. Three nations met – Russians, Jews and Chechens.

Charming girls in sparkling white dresses from Obrascoviy Theatre of Jewish song “Simha” (Minsk) sang “Hava Nagila” arranged by D. Slepovich and won storm of applauses. One of the most beautiful performance was Chechen holiday suite danced by choreographic group named after Ziya Bashaev. Russian folk music was represented by Pelageya and choreographic staging “Tyiri-tyiri”.

- I’d like to see spiritual creative national unity during our festival,- Anna Pliseckaya shared her hopes. – I decided to gather representatives of three nations, three religions in one concert, so that everybody would understand that the enmity is senseless but the beauty is eternal.

Yana Maevskaya