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10-03-2009 00:45


Guests: Anna Plisetskaya

K.LARINA – Today we’ll talk about ballet and life. Today our guest is Anna Plisetskaya, I have a fresh issue of «Sobesednik». There is published an interview to Anna Plisetskaya, I’ll read an extract from this interview to introduce our guest to our audience: “Anna Plisetskaya has had time to be the soloist of the Maryinsky Theater, for some time has danced in the troupe of the world famous ballet master Moris Bejart, she has even shown her ballet skills in a movie “ Mary Poppins, good-bye ”, where she has played one of the main heroines – girl Jane.

Anna, hello. As you understand, Anne has come here to show us what she is capable of and you will be able to see it. I will directly begin with a newsbreak – on June, 11th in a concert hall «Russia», but we won’t see ballerina Anna Plisetskaya there.

A.PLISETSKAYA – Yes, I will contribute as the organizer of such huge action which is called “The whole world”. This idea has come to my mind a long time ago, but it was very hard to find a suitable date for carrying out of such a concert, as a hall «Russia», of course, is a very loaded hall and now it is more pop. I have decided to show the best that is in the area of classics, modernist style, opera, vocal, therefore I have made the program …

K.LARINA – You mean such a collection.

A.PLISETSKAYA – I have made up the program of several blocks, and each block represents a certain name of a person, who has played a certain role in a history of the given direction. For example, Stanislav Grigorevich Popov who was the pioneer in the field of ball dances, for whom it was quite hard to find his own way during the Soviet time, he carries on the programs and represents the block of ball dances perfectly.

K.LARINA – Will he dance?

A.PLISETSKAYA – No, but there is going to be shown a video piece, he conducts this program and there’ll be a pair who will dance. It is quite unusual for them, as they are used to dance on a parquet, and here they will dance on a scene. I will conduct this program with him, and I’m not sure how it will turn out,as I’ve always represented a different genre

K.LARINA – A silent one.

A.PLISETSKAYA – Yes, a genre of gestures and movement. Also in this action the Galina Vishnevskaya’s school will take part, this school also have had hard times while its making. The school is located in Novokosino and they work very tensely. Galina Vishnevskaya has given her name to this school, and their life has become a little bit easier.

K.LARINA – So it’s not that Centre which she has built and is a supervisor of?

A.PLISETSKAYA – No. It is in Novokosino in an old kindergarten. A new building is built for them, and now they also will do singing…

K.LARINA – Pavarotti has sung to us.

A.PLISETSKAYA – Lubov Kazarnovsky will also take part, she is in the opera block. Nikolay Baskov will finish this concert as a star, he is one of a few artists who has the good vocal data, therefore in our world he is classic who is famous in showbiz.

K.LARINA – Of course it’s a doubtful reputation.

A.PLISETSKAYA – It seems to me – he’s very nice.

K.LARINA – He has his own social circle, it’s better not to pinpoint on this theme with me. Baskov will perform, the end.

A.PLISETSKAYA – Also Natalia Nesterovaya’s Academy will take part in the concert, my mum Maryanna Sedova is the director there. She is a talented choreographer, she has staged the number “Rare birds” on Jean-Michel Zharra’s music.There also will be a block of musicals, it is opened by Maxim Dunaevsky, then the film frames from “Mary Poppins …” will be shown and also there will be the class of Sergey and Maxim Kazarnovskih’s centre.

K.LARINA – But will we see you in the film frames of “Mary Poppins …”? How old were you, An?

A.PLISETSKAYA – 11 or 12.

K.LARINA – You have not changed.

A.PLISETSKAYA – Thanks, I do my best.

K.LARINA – Well, the size is the same I suppose.

PLISETSKAYA – Maxim Dunaevsky, “the Wind of changes” is performed by the ensemble of «Neposedi», it is a very good children’s ensemble, they are very starry. Here the block of musicals comes to an end and I have 3 more national blocks. It is an Independence Day and it is simply unreal take all the nationalities, because one should do at least a 10-hour concert. Therefore in connection with such topical character of a question and at the same time I don’t want any policy, I have made 3 blocks. They are: the Russian block, the Chechen block and the Jewish block. The Jewish collective «Simha» is splendid – they sing and dance, and do everything, it’s a very beautiful collective, they come specially for this concert from Minsk. I have found money to pay all the expenses, as they do not have sponsors now. But to tell the truth, it is ridiculous, as they were told that the sponsor’s annual payment was 150 dollars. I was surprised and I have told them that, they should come and show what they are capable of, and I gave them the block of 10 minutes. It is pointless to come to Moscow for the sake of 3 minutes. As to the Chechen block – it is the ensemble «Zija» of the Fund Zii Bazhaeva. And it is called «Zija» after the name of Zii Bazhaeva. They have a mass, bright and colorful number, and they are very nice and hard-working people. I have made the Russian block kind of double, there is a Russian number, but on the modern music of Valery Gavrilin, there is a bench and the artists are jumping and making noises while performing. It’s a very funny number which has been staged by Baryshnikovoj. And also there will be Pelageja.

K.LARINA – Pelageja, the singer?


K.LARINA – Remarkable.

A.PLISETSKAYA – Julia Nachalova is going to sing a song, she also has a good voice. There is also going to be a group «Love story» – three girls, it is a pop group, and the it seems to me that they have a really nice name. And we’ll have the circus block. If each direction is represented by great artists, unfortunately, in this case Jury Nikulin is no longer with us, and the circus on Tsvetnoy boulevard represents an acrobatic number on grid-irons.

K.LARINA Is it the ending – apotheosis?

A.PLISETSKAYA – Sergey Akimov has won the competition in Monte-Carlo, and he’s also famous. That’s it I suppose, and in the end we all together will stand behind and the Chechen, and Jewish, and Russian collectives and all the stars and will congratulate on day of Russia, on Independence Day.

K. LARINA – Why do we give you such a detailed information? – you may ask. It is because I have five tickets for this tremendous concert, where there will all the best of all directions of the showbiz, art. Though there is no rock music.

A.PLISETSKAYA – I have counted already …

K.LARINA – For five hours, probably.

A.PLISETSKAYA – I have told everyone that they have 2 minutes, the maximum is 5 minutes; because the concert has its time limits, it can last for hour and a half or but not longer than 2 hours (without the interval) – that it would be a non-stop concert, without pauses that it would be bright, colourful, without failures. Sometimes it happens that performance is great but in the end it is blown off. By the way, the most important thing I have forgotten is that soloists of ensemble “Virtuosos of Moscow” will take part.

K.LARINA – Of Spivakov?

A.PLISETSKAYA – Of course, 6 persons who were the originators. Tremendous music. They will play 3 compositions and after that – the grant-aided students of Spivakov’s fund will perform. It is such a generation of generations.



K. LARINA – We have opened the order taking for a concert “The whole world” which will take place on June, 11th, our pager is overflowed by demands, therefore we have decided to double the quantity of tickets. For the sake of what do you do it?

A.PLISETSKAYA – My friends: Stas Popov, Stanislav Popov, and Kovalevsky, the director Spivakov and Sergey Aleksandrovich Usanov, they are strong people and they have supported me in this action. And I simply did not realize for what reason I do it. Stas Popov has told on the conference exactly what I was thinking – he said that it is a command of soul, and as I’m a maximalist, I love good level in everything. If someone do not correspond this level, he may listen to something somewhere, but in the concert hall “Russia”, where you can say I grew up, I would like that there was all the best. It is a difficult concert because in an orchestra it is necessary to show the sonority of each tool separately.

K.LARINA Is it a charity event?

A.PLISETSKAYA – Yes, it is. «Gideon Richter», the company I have a contract with, I provide the publicity of this company during my performances, and I am really grateful that they provide children with medicine and charitable help.

K.LARINA – It is impossible to track

A.PLISETSKAYA – It is impossible to track, I’m not able to do it as I don’t have free time and if I try to do it that means that I won’t have even three hours a day for sleep. They will send medicines to certain hospitals for children. I have been to hospitals, and I am very impressionable and I did see the situations when without some pill the child can either live, or not live. And he cannot buy it. And this company gives these medicines to them.

К.LARINA – Let’s talk about your life. You have stopped performing, whether it means that no one will see you on the stage?

A.PLISETSKAYA – I don’t think so, again it is simply maximalism. I love being filmed, and I am filmable, I love cinema, but all the movies I see in Russia are not what I would like to be filmed in, I have not seen anything for what I would like to be filmed in.

K.LARINA – So you would like to work more in cinema?

A.PLISETSKAYA – I love cinema, I loved working with Kvinihidze, because he films very quickly, professionally, but now he doesn’t film, because he works as the theatrical director. That generation of directors cannot find financing for their films any more, and the technics has already gone forward, and they cannot keep up with it. Emil Lotjanu is also the remarkable director who is already not modern. It’s just like is you make a programme here in Russia and try to sell it to «Rai Uno» or the First French channel, they won’t take it, because our parameters differ. It is the same for cinema, we’ll never be able to keep up with Hollywood because the technics there has gone forward.

K.LARINA – Ahead of the person.

A.PLISETSKAYA – Yes, and in this case we should make the Russian films, that will have it’s own face and will show the Russian person who is talented by nature. And if we chase the technics we’ll have nothing. The same with ballet … But now the Maryinsky Theateris great, they make very good modern stagings of Rolan Peti, and love Bezhara, but unfortunately there is not much of Bezhara, but they can stage everything because they have the young generation …

K.LARINA – What have you found in ballet for yourself?

A.PLISETSKAYA – I’ve always needed a my own choreographer.

K.LARINA – Have you found such person?

A.PLISETSKAYA – I consider that working with Ratmansky was exactly what I needed and from elder generation it is Kasjan Golejzovsky. That is classical base, but you can express your individuality in it. And for some reason many artists wish to dance the pure classics, but not many of them can do it well. And it does not give any self-expression in art and and I think it is pointless as our life is very short and one should do his best to be expressed.

K.LARINA – This process of merging of show business and elite art forms now has become more and more noticeable. We have recollected Baskov who will take part in the concert, and you have defined him as the classical singer famous in show business. Recently Luchano Pavarotti have been in Moscow, there is also a lot of show business in his life. And in general the performances of the world’s best three tenors on the stadiums, have been apprehended by many people as treachery of interests of opera because the opera is something inaccessible. The same in ballet, we already clips of Volochkova, a ballet clip. Is this process good or not for the ballet and the classical art forms in general?

A.PLISETSKAYA – We’ll be able to answer this question apoximately in five years. The Russian society is very young, it is only 10 years old. Some ask –why there is no tourist, there is, but he has changed, he has simply become obsolete. It is a new country which searches for people in art, and in politics. There is a search of something. For example, I think that it is the first president who understands what he is saying, and ponders upon these phrases. Remember, who was in Soviet Union before. It seems to me that in five years it will be possible to say if we have chosen a right way

K.LARINA – But everyone have passed this. After all, Vanessa Mej performs with an electric violin for a long time. And we just discover that it can be this way.

A.PLISETSKAYA – I gave an example with cinematography that it is not necessary to look at them, we will not be able to keep up with them, they have different possibilities. They have begun doing it a long time ago, and financial possibilities differ. We cannot film a movie which in America is filmed for 20 million, or for 100 million by Spielberg, for example for 100 thousand dollars. What for? Let’s make a Russian movie which can become our visiting card.

K.LARINA – Tell me Anna, is modern Russian culture, known in the West, do they perceive it or not? Or they still live with old stereotypes, Pushkin, Dostoevsky, vodka, Gorbachev.

A.PLISETSKAYA – It seems to me, that it is an individual thing of each person. If he is interested in culture, for example in Russia many are interested in the Buddhism, say, and, maybe, someone in Europe is interested in Russian culture. Either he is interested, or not. Of ourse if he is not interested, he knows only – matreshka, vodka, Gorbachev. If he is interested, he knows that it is a great culture, deep culture. As to Austria, of course, it is great composers. To me it is always ridiculous, if I see – List, Beethoven, all the famous composers who are made in a roadway and then I come to «Russia» and I see there stars. It is really a little bit strange. I am not categorical in judgements, it is necessary to see what will be in 5 years. But on the other hand I look at the ballerinas, who coming out tired with backpacks, they have received their 200 dollars a month, have fulfilled 25 performances in corps de ballet for 3 hours per day and unfortunate, stirred up leave the theatre and get into the metro. Well it’s a discrepancy. Or in show business when they do this tours around the country, make good money sufficient to buy something necessary for a vital minimum.

It is one of the ways, but you can make a marketing research and find out what the people want… You can compare it with a supermarket – you go in to buy a bottle of kefir and leave with a bag full of products. Tastes differ. Such a research will show who and what likes.

K.LARINA – And in this case people are right?

A.PLISETSKAYA – People are always right. If you live in this society, it does develop, and of course, when “Laskoviy May” does a new coil in the development and collects stadiums, I will not go to their concert. But if the stadiums are collected, that means, there is a certain circle of public, and a big one to which it is pleasant and interesting. I’ve already said that I consider that it is a great culture, the talented nation, but right now it does not develop in any way. What you have said, is the absolute truth. If such commercialization of arts continues, it will not be true and worthy. But on the other hand, how can theatres survive?

K.LARINA – Do you like being engaged in organizational work?

A.PLISETSKAYA – Yes, I do it as being the creative person who collects a certain picture of pieces. The fact that I’ll see the result, it will not satisfy m on 100%, I will continue working on it further.

K.LARINA. Then may be it is better to make a festival. It’s just one action.

A.PLISETSKAYA – I think that I will do a series of such actions, and they will change from time to time. Because the whole life I was working in a hall, over my roles, over my body, but I was just an executor and only sometimes a co-author. For example, together with Alexey Ratmanskim we have put «Whipped cream» on music of Riharda Shtrauss, it has been quite a long time ago, but I’ve enjoyed working with him because it was the co-authorship. As to the nearest future, yes, I am in search; I consider myself as the versatile person who constantly searches for something and constantly creates something new, and develops his own ideas. We will see what will be further. Perhaps, it is the answer to your question.

K.LARINA – Your family … You have a whole clan, it is difficult to name it a family.

A.PLISETSKAYA – It would be a clan if everyone loved each other and were on friendly terms, it would be a force, but when no one love each other, it is an odd clan, it is not a clan any more.

K.LARINA – Where do you live?

A.PLISETSKAYA – I am always on the move.

K.LARINA – Does the idea of HOME exist?

A.PLISETSKAYA – I have an apartment in Moscow, I don’t live in a hotel, I don’t know what they have written about me. I’ve lived in the hotel “Mariott” only two weeks when I have had a difficult project, and there they have everything made up and a nice service, and I simply had no time to live at home because it would have become a total mess. That’s why I’ve lived in a hotel for some time.

K.LARINA – It’s a pity that we won’t see you dancing. Such a temperamental person, so bright, you should have continued dancing.

A.PLISETSKAYA – The truth is that I want to find my own style, I am a very superstitious person only in one thing – not to tell about creative plans because the energy leaves you and you won’t be able to make it. But I will tell in short that I search for some vokalno-choreographic synthesis for myself. In general with ballet I would not like to … It is just that I’m tired of tour life, and I wanted to work on any base, and the Bolshoi theatre have not accepted me. I could work there but understanding that nobody wants to see you there. And they don’t want anyone there. It was not comfortable for me from the financial point of view and also I was told that I want to use the name of the Bolshoi theater for my purposes…

K.LARINA –And when the person with a surname Plisetskaya is accused of a wish to use a Bolshoi theatre name.

A.PLISETSKAYA -The only thing that can be, is that I have made a mistake, and may be …

K.LARINA – We are running out of time. Is it difficult to live owning such a brand and having such a surname?.

A.PLISETSKAYA – Well, it is fine. It’s just that in the Bolshoi theatre there was kind of a scandal, I did want to work there but I’ve came there tired of the tour life. And why should you go there not got tired to dance one or two parties a year and to have a base to be engaged, I have considered that it is correct. And they for some reason, have decided that I should come there without the creative experience right after school. But as there is no kind people at all, I think that everything that has happened is just right.

K.LARINA – I’m sure it is. I remind you once again that a concert “The whole world” which is organized by Anna Plisetskaya, will take place on June, 11th in a concert hall «Russia». The beginning is at 19 o’clock. I wish Anna the best of luck.

A.PLISETSKAYA – Thank you very much. I will try to do my best, thank you for the interview and I wish all the radio listeners good luck, love and internal comfort.


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in «Rossia» Hall


Anna Plisetskaya in «Gitano» by Goleyzovsky


Yulia Malhasianz – Bolshoy

Gitano – Bolshoy – differents cast


Anna Plisetskaya in «Polovestian dances» by Goleyzovsky