“Business place in Russian cultural sphere”

10-03-2009 00:37


Managers Association with PH Kommersant held conference called “Business in art: maintenance of cultural heritage of Russia”.

The main conference task concluded in attraction of representatives of business community and cultural workers to collateral public discussion of the role of Russian business in maintenance of Russian cultural heritage and also popularization of Russian art abroad. Three main blocks of questions concerned the view of event by the participants:

· State and private financing of culture: infrastructure and possibilities

· Art as an object of charity and patronage

· Corporate and private investments in art

Corporate social responsibility contains different aspects. Many companies on the whole discharge such usual attributes of CSR as wages payment, taxes, ecological assignments (if it’s necessary according to company’s sphere of activity) besides they focus their activity in CSR on art events. The main condition is that such expenses should take place against a background of business success and they should not cause damage to the company and its workers. Meanwhile, coming to a decision of investing in art, the company should clearly understand the reasons of it and what the company wants to get as a result. Olga Podoinicina, head of PR department, corporate relations and marketing department of Deutch Bank, mentioned conditions in which art project wins approval and company’s financing, among them are:

· Project topicality for Russia

· Potential interest from clients side

· Project exclusiveness, singularity

But the aims of such projects may be very different: pure charity, social investments (that afterward should be repaid, for example, with good relationship to the company from the side of local society) or sponsorship (supplying the advertising of one or another type). “Mission of corporate philanthropy is to be of benefit to the society and the company”,- emphasized Andrey Menshov, manager of British American Tobacco corporate and social responsibility.

Besides, “in future charitable support of some project can turn to investment project that is able to be self-repaid”, – Anna Pliseckaya, Director of fund “Renaissance” consirederes.