Commitment of Public Awards in the field of Charity and Patronage of arts

7-03-2009 11:50


The President hotel  – The Solemn ceremony of commitment of public awards in the field of charity and the patronage of arts,

organised by the International Welfare fund «Patrons of art of Century» together with the Movement «Kind People of the World» and the International Academy of Patronage of arts has taken place. On the eve of the expiring year, the Ceremony became an original summarizing. Under the decision of the Fund Advisory council, in each nomination the winner who has received the Big figurine «Kind Angel of the World» has been named.

On this day before holiday, people who bring the essential contribution into a big cause – formation of modern charitable movement have gathered in the hall of the President-Hotel. They are united by the belief in good and aspiration to make our life better, to help those who requires, to support talents, to work for the good of the family, a native land, and the whole country. With the sounds of a hymn of Russia, a banner of the International Welfare fund «Patrons of art of Century» have been brought to a scene. The opening of the Solemn ceremony was welcomed by people standing.

The further rewarding was conducted by the gentleman of many awards of Fund, the Academician of the International Academy of Patronage of arts, the Deputy of the Head of the Department of Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation - Victor  Savchenko.

The honoring of patrons of art has proceeded with the delivery of Award «Glory of the Nation». Among the people whose noble work promote spiritual and social blossom of our country, were awarded:

The Singer, the composer, the participant of Competition «Eurovision» Murad Burua, France,

The Honored artist, the producer, the editor-in-chief of the Concert hall «Russia» Maria Muliash,


By the award – «Service to Art» have been awarded:

The Ballerina, the President of Fund «The Renaissance of generation » Anna Plisetskaya,


By the Award «Glory of the Nation» have been awarded:

The Director of Academy of ballet under Humanitarian university of Natalia Nesterovoj, the soloist of the State Academic Bolshoi theatre Maryanna Sedova,